Bonhoeffer Small Group Videos Are Here!

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Published by Eric Metaxas on 02/18/14 under Blog

IMG_2930I’m so proud of what we were able to do in these four videos, which we shot on location in Germany and Poland. I talk about Bonhoeffer while sitting at his desk in the very bedroom in Berlin where he lived and was arrested. I visit the site of Finkenwalde, which is now just over the border in Poland, and I visit the Igel Fraternity in Tübingen where he was a member, and I even go inside Tegel prison, which is still operating as a prison, virtually unchanged from Bonhoeffer’s time there. It will be demolished later this year. These four videos and study guide are designed for small group study, whether at home or in church, and I hope they deepen your understanding of both Bonhoeffer and his work. Here is a link to the first video, which you can watch in it’s entirety, to get a taste of the whole. And here’s a short trailer.

To purchase the DVDs & Study Guide from, click here. To purchase from Amazon, click here. To purchase from, click here.

My Speech to the Graduates…

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Eric Metaxas Speaks at Commencement 5-4-13On May 4th, I had the great honor of delivering the commencement address to the graduating 2013 Class of Palm Beach Atlantic University. Click here to see the VIDEO of my speech.

For the full TEXT of the speech, click here.

Speaking on Religious Liberty… w/Ben Carson!

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EricBenCpac1EricBenCpac2I had the honor of speaking about Religious Freedom at CPAC today, followed by a GREAT Q&A with Dr. Ben Carson! To watch the video, click here! I recommend using the full screen option and turning up the sound. I enter the stage at 6:30 into the video and speak for about 14 mins. Then Dr. Carson speaks for about 25 mins.  After that — at 45:00 — there is my Q&A with him. You have to watch that last part!  For the full text of my speech, click here. For just the video of my 14 minutes, click here. Religious Freedom is hugely important and we’re not hearing anything about it.

If you want to know what you can do, please help spread the word by sharing this speech. Please sign and share the Manhattan Declaration. Please watch Os Guinness’s speech at SITC by clicking here. And finally, if you get into a discussion about Same-Sex Marriage, ask about how it will affect Religious Liberty. That is the real issue and no one is discussing it.

Here’s the Video of my Q&A with John Piper!

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425909652_295This is worth watching just for John Piper’s spectacular exegesis of Romans 13.  We also talk about the difference between killing and murder — and a host of other things. This took place after my Bonhoeffer speech at Dr. Piper’s church in Minneapolis. Here’s the link!

Interviewing Tim Keller

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Tim Keller & Eric Metaxas at 2012 NCSAt the New Canaan Society retreat a week ago I chatted with NYC Redeemer pastor Tim Keller for an hour in front of 500 close friends.  We talked about his life, about Adam and Eve and evolution, and about Hell.  He’s quite the cut-up!


The Glenn Beck & NPR Interviews!

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To see my Glenn Beck interview, click here.  For Part 2 click here.  For the transcript, click here.  To read two chapters from the book, click here.  And for the NPR interview, click here!

L@@K! 2011 Canterbury Medal Speech Videos!

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eric-metaxasReceiving the Becket Fund’s 2011 Canterbury Medal for Religious Freedom was a humbling honor.  Soli Deo Gloria! For an article excerpting the speech, click here. For more photos, click here. For PART I of the speech video, click here. For PART II, click here.  For PART III click here. For Chuck Colson video, click here.  For the Pres. George W. Bush video, click here!

A Video of My Conversion Story

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A video of my conversion story

CBN Bonhoeffer Video Interview

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safe_image.phpFor the CBN television broadcast click here! For the full, unedited 34-minute video, click here. To get a copy of the book click here!

Ann B. Davis Loves My Book!

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Ann B Davis_slideshow_604x500It’s hard for me not to brag about that…  Click here to read the quote.  By the way, I’m talking about the EVERYTHING YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT GOD (but were afraid to ask) books!  I was recently on Canadian tv talking about them.

If you didn’t realize I speak Canadian, please click here!

For Part Deux, click here!

For Part Trois, click here!