You Are Invited! Oct. 28th Miracles Event

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Published by Eric Metaxas on 09/16/14 under Blog

IMG_3456 - Version 2My new book officially comes out on Oct. 28th — with a national event!

The book’s title is MIRACLES: What They Are, Why They Happen, and How They Can Change Your Life. It will be a Socrates in the City event and oddly enough, I will be the guest!

Of course we needed to find a guest host to interview me, since I couldn’t interview myself! We hoped to find someone who was as good an interviewer as Dick Cavett, but unfortunately the only person as good as Dick Cavett is Dick Cavett! And of course he “wasn’t available.” Sigh.

But then — wait a minute – he was! So if you can believe it, the master interviewer of the last fifty years — who has interviewed Robin Williams, David Bowie, Marlon Brando, Katharine Hepburn, Jimi Hendrix, Laurence Olivier, Abba, Richard Burton, Janis Joplin, Groucho Marx, Muhammad Ali,William F. Buckley, Woody Allen, John Lennon, George Harrison, Ingmar Bergman, Bob Hope, Carol Burnett, and a zillion others — will interview me on Oct. 28th. I am deeply honored by this and I very much hope you’ll join us! If Liza Minnelli shows up, you’ll be sorry you missed it!!!

If you can get to NYC, fantastic! Our ticket prices have been dramatically lowered. If you don’t believe it, click here! The best ones are selling out, so do hurry. If you cannot get to NYC, we will be Webcasting the event all across the country. Or wherever good wi-fi is available. Stay tuned to this space for details.

Miracles can be pre-ordered at a discount at Barnes & Noble | Amazon | Books-A-Million| Or wherever books are sold.

Here’s the video of Os Guinness at SITC!

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Image 29If you care about America, Os Guinness’s talk at Socrates in the City last week was profoundly important.  Please click here to watch the video! SITC is thrilled to offer it to the general public at no cost for a limited time.  Please share it as widely as you like!  And please do get a copy of Os’s book, “A Free People’s Suicide:  Sustainable Freedom and the American Future.”  Finally, for my Breakpoint commentaries on the book, click here.

Buy the Socrates in the City book!!!

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412iUpxwqQL._SS500_Before you buy it, read this interview! To get a copy click here!! It contains eleven fab talks by Os Guinness, Sir John Polkinghorne, Peter Kreeft, Fr. Richard John Neuhaus, Chuck Colson, Dr. Paul Vitz, Jean Bethke Elshtain, Francis Collins, N.T. Wright, and Yours Truly.  It also has all of my wacky introductions.   I am really VERY excited about this book! By the way, here’s a terrific review that just came out!  Click here.

Dick Cavett is coming to Socrates in the City!

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cavett-largeLegendary talk-show host Dick Cavett will be our special guest at Socrates in the City on June 23rd!  Eric will interview him on “Celebrity, Fame, and other small topics,” followed by our traditional Q&A with the SITC audience.  By Groucho’s mustache — that could be you!!! For more info, click here!

Video of the Great SITC Debate!

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Click here for a fab video clip from the Q&A portion of the Great Socrates in the City Debate with Dinesh D’Souza and Peter Singer on Sept. 13th.   For more information about Socrates in the City, click here.

Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself…

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SITC. April 9, 2010If you missed the April 9th event commemorating the 65th anniversary of Bonhoeffer’s death at the hands of the Nazis, click here to watch the video.  The first twelve minutes are me introducing myself.  The next part is the talk, followed by the lively Q&A.  We’re thrilled to finally have captured an SITC event on video for all to see!  Enjoy it and please share it with your friends!  To buy this book at B&N, click here!  To buy it at, click here!  To buy it at CBD, click here!

Same-Sex Marriage at Socrates in the City

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JenniferRobackMorseThe next SITC event is Feb. 9th!   Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse will speak on “Can We Talk?  Why the Same-Sex Marriage Issue Has Become So Toxic.”   Register by clicking here.

Harvard Astronomer at Socrates on Nov. 17th

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Published by Eric Metaxas on 10/27/09 under Blog

OwenGingerichThe extraordinary Harvard Astronomer Dr. Owen Gingerich will be our guest speaker at Socrates in the City on Nov. 17th.  His accomplishments are staggering.  He was famous at Harvard for using an unorthodox teaching style, including propelling himself out of the classroom with a fire extinguisher, and coming to class dressed in the garb of a 16th century Latin scholar.  He’s also successfully observed twelve total solar eclipses and has had an asteroid named after himNOW how much would you pay??  To register for this fab event, click here.

For more on the amazing Dr. Gingerich, click hereWe hope you can join us on Nov. 17th!

Socrates in the City on Sept. 30th

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51CRSYR01KL._SS500_We’re absolutely thrilled to kick off the fall season of Socrates in the City with the spectacular 86-year-old theologian and philosopher Alice von Hildebrand, who will speak on “Man and Woman:  A Divine Invention.”  For more information and to register for this event, click here.

N.T. Wright Predicts Schism

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N.T. Wright’s column is from today’s London Times Online.   To see it, click here.   It’s must reading.  We’ve twice had the privilege of hosting N.T. Wright at Socrates in the City.  For audio cds of those talks, visit