Angry Conversations with God

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Published by Eric Metaxas on 03/14/09 under Blog

Susan Isaacs has always been brilliantly funny — at least ever since I’ve known her — but for the first time ever she’s put her brilliance and comedic genius between the covers of a book, and — drumroll here — it’s an absolute triumph. The phrase “You’ll laugh; you’ll cry.” has never been more apt. This is the book many of us have been waiting for. Buy it and give it to friends and book her to speak about it — did I mention she’s hilarious?? — and thank me when you can. Here’s the website and here are some reviews:

“God in couples counseling? Sounds sacrilegious, but in the adept hands of comedian, writer and actress Isaacs, it’s a success. Isaacs moves easily between recounting her life story and her counseling sessions … Isaacs readily admits to being snarky, but she’s honest about her quest and its conclusion: “I saw now all too clearly why I had married God: for the power and the glory. For the money.” Isaacs goes on a Job-like search for explanations from God, but instead finds the problem to be her. She’s funny, biting, earthy and brilliant.” — Publisher’s Weekly

Face it, folks, the church is made up of messed-up people all trying to deal with life. I appreciate writers like Susan who creatively face their issues with honesty and humor. Angry Conversations is a really fun read!” — Tony Hale, actor, “Stranger Than Fiction,” “Arrested Development”

“If King David were a woman, and were funny, he’d be Susan Isaacs. And the thing about this book is: it surprises you. There are lines in it you won’t see coming. You’ll be handing this book to somebody else about a month from now, thinking ‘maybe this will help them understand me.’ You’ll do that because it helped you understand yourself first.” — Donald Miller, author of Blue Like Jazz.

“A brilliantly funny, fearlessly honest, and deeply moving account of one woman’s search for God and man, not necessarily in that order. Fun fact: There’s more truth in this book than there are lies in James Frey’s A Million Little Pieces” Eric Metaxas