Please pray for Chuck Colson

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Published by Eric Metaxas on 04/05/12 under Blog

540405_420688464611758_417760158237922_1838678_1005578282_nbp18_colosonbooks_wThis past weekend I had the privilege of emceeing my friend Chuck Colson’s annual Wilberforce Weekend in Lansdowne, Virginia.  After I introduced him last Friday, Chuck spoke, but within a few minutes he became seriously ill.  An ambulance took him to a nearby hospital and on Saturday morning, doctors operated to remove a pool of clotted blood on the surface of his brain.  The doctors are now “cautiously optimistic,” but Chuck is in critical condition and he desperately needs our prayers.

As Chuck recuperates, I have the honor of guest-hosting Breakpoint, the daily cultural commentary that Chuck has been doing for nearly two decades.   Chuck has been a hero and mentor to me for many years.  I love and respect him more than I can say, and I ask your prayers that I might do Breakpoint justice until he returns to the mike.  May it be as soon as possible.

For a Christianity Today update on this story, click here.  To visit the Colson Center website and for updates on Chuck’s condition, click here. To visit Breakpoint, click here. And for a superb column (“A Nixonite Redeemed:  Colson’s Rise and Fall”) written by my friend, National Review editor Rich Lowry, click here.