Interviewing Tim Keller

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Tim Keller & Eric Metaxas at 2012 NCSAt the New Canaan Society retreat a week ago I chatted with NYC Redeemer pastor Tim Keller for an hour in front of 500 close friends.  We talked about his life, about Adam and Eve and evolution, and about Hell.  He’s quite the cut-up!


DAVID BLOOM (1963 – 2003)

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Exactly ten years ago today — on April 5th, 2003 — our friend David Bloom died in Iraq at the age of 39. Nine years ago I wrote this essay:

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BUT SWEET WILL BE THE FLOWER: The Life And Death Of NBC’s David Bloom
At twelve o’clock stood New York Governor, George Pataki. At one o’clock , White House Press Secretary Ari Fleisher. At two o’clock was former New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani. At three o’clock , just across the aisle, were Katie Couric, Matt Lauer, and Ann Curry. Everywhere one looked were pundits and anchors and government officials, so many of them that you thought you had fallen into your tv set. There was Tom Brokaw and there was Tim Russert and there was Andrea Mitchell. And there was Chris Mathews and Lester Holt and Campbell Brown. And there was Dominic Dunne and there was General Barry MacCaffrey and there was Peggy Noonan. And there we were, my wife and I, at our friend’s funeral.

The scene was St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan, just over a year ago, and the sad occasion was the funeral of David Bloom, the former NBC White House Correspondent and Weekend Today Show anchor whose good looks and brilliance and ebullience had recently brought him the greatest fame of his famous life. For several exhiliarating and tense weeks the entire country had watched him and prayed for him as he bounced along in his modified tank, which someone had dubbed the Bloom Mobile, windswept and typically enthusiastic, the best-known embed in the Iraq War, updating us from the ever-changing middle of it all, and somehow reassuring us by his very presence, by his inherent and ineffable upbeatness, that everything — despite everything — was okay.

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Life Lessons w/Eric Metaxas

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If I may be so bold, these unscripted comments (click here!) — delivered at the New Canaan Society annual retreat two months ago — represent my own distillation of human wisdom — or something along those lines. You be the judge.


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I’m writing this from a small room in an old convent adjoining what used to be an inner-city Chicago Catholic high school. Five years ago the high school closed, and my friend Bob Muzikowski saw an opportunity. Bob and his wife, Tina, have given their lives to working with inner-city kids and lives a block away from the school. He decided to raise enough money to buy the property and turn it into a

non- denominational Christian high school.  He named it Chicago Hope Academy, and today there are nearly 200 students. Three are Bob and Tina’s kids. Here is some video. One is from “Oprah’s Big Give”, which was on ABC last year.

I’ve visited CHA before and it’s staggeringly inspiring. For one thing there are no locks on the lockers. Bob says that they teach the kids that stealing is wrong, so there’s no need. They actually live this stuff. Almost all the students are on partial or full scholarships, and many come from very very rough homes, so this place is a lifeline for them, in some cases quite literally. This place is the real thing. I desperately hope that some of you who read these words decide that for Easter you’d like to make a contribution to this place. Whatever money you give away you KNOW you can’t lose in the market… And if you give to CHA you can know that God has used you. This is real.  These kids need your help.  

The reason I’m here this weekend is to emcee an all-student production of “The Gathering”, a play about the Last Supper that is serious and funny at the same time. These students are hugely impressive in their roles! Part of the joy of being here for a few days is getting to know some of them. Here’s a photo of the cast! Please pray about making a contribution to this absolutely amazing work of God in Chicago’s inner city.   Thank you.

The Apotheosis of “Skip” Bowlinksi

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My friends, I’m not going to pretend that what happened at the Homestead this past weekend was a good thing. Let’s just say that it happened. The context was the annual New Canaan Society’s retreat and suffice it to say that that mustachioed superfreak known to the world as “Skip” Bowlinski once again intruded upon what would otherwise have been a genteel and decorous occasion. I’ll try to post some video here asap, to show you what went down, but by the time it was all over I had yet again gotten sucked into the greasy whirlpool that is “Skip”. Somehow I drank the scuzzy Kool-Aid and will probably never be able to explain just how it happened. I feel foolish — and yet also liberated somehow. Because if I can be fooled by this deep-fried conundrum of a human being it proves that I’m as vulnerable as the next guy. Keep in mind that I have no idea what I’m saying right now. By the time it was all over I’d been awarded something called the “Golden Robe Award” and was given a cheap trophy and made to pose for pictures… it could have happened to anyone, but looking back on it I’m still a bit buffaloed. I don’t know who that guy in the golden smoking jacket is — but I know that it happened and I’ll have to live with it. The New Canaan Society wants to put the kibosh on my going public with this, but that’s not going to happen. I’m speaking out and they can’t stop me. I don’t think they can… In any case, this is not over…

Hot Springs, Virginia

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New Canaan Society Annual Retreat. March 6 – 8, 2009. Eric will emcee.

For more information visit

Skip Bowlinski for President!

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Eric Metaxas — Kingmaker and cultural observer — gets solidly behind Skip Bowlinski’s failed bid for the Presidency in 2008!

New Canaan Society Annual Retreat

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Emcee at New Canaan’s Society Annual Retreat featuring Rick Warren, Tim Keller and Paul Baloche.