Do you know this man?

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Published by Eric Metaxas on 06/07/09 under Blog

If you don’t know TIm Keller, the pastor of Manhattan’s Redeemer Presbyterian Church, and the author of the New York Times bestseller Reason for God, you are in for a treat. Tim is a phenomenon, and without him my world would be quite a different place. Redeemer has been an island of sound biblical teaching in that vast sea of secularism called Manhattan, and what has grown out of Redeemer over the years is incalculable. The MPSC, which my wife runs, and the Geneva School, which our daughter attends, are but two things that come to mind. The following article, “How Tim Keller Found Manhattan”, appears in the current issue of Christianity Today. To read it, click here.

Geneva School Annual Auction

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Published by Rick Vlaha on 03/08/08 under Schedule

Emcee at Geneva School Annual Auction.