Have you taken the Oath?

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Published by Eric Metaxas on 06/01/09 under Blog


My friend Max Anderson (standing, right) says it can! The full story is in the New York Timesclick here – and tells of a group of Harvard B-schoolers who have come up with something they’re calling the “MBA Oath“.  According to the Times, nearly 20 percent of the graduating class have signed the “voluntary student-led pledge” stating that “the goal of a business manager is to ‘serve the greater good.’” What?? The oath even “promises that Harvard M.B.A.’s will act responsibly, ethically and refrain from advancing their ‘own narrow ambitions’ at the expense of others.” Forgive me, but I need a chair. To find out more, visit www.mbaoath.org.

CHOOSING LIFE IN THE ARMY — and elsewhere.

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Right here in Manhattan, my wife, Susanne, runs the MPSC (Midtown Pregnancy Support Center) a non-political, non-profit Christian organization that offers help of all kinds to women (and families) that find themselves in “crisis pregnancies.” The stories one hears from such women can be incredibly moving; but what’s most striking to me is that one never seems to hear these stories — of real women, making real decisions in difficult circumstances — anywhere in the popular culture, neither on tv nor in the so-called main-stream media. Here’s one such story from the online site for First Things.