F-Bomb Bestseller is a Parody of My Book!

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go-the-f-to-sleep.topThe unfortunately titled Go the **** To Sleep bestseller is a direct parody of my children’s picturebook, It’s Time to Sleep, My Love. You can’t make this stuff up.  The author refuses to admit it, but for my commentary, click here. For the Christianity Today article, click here… For the WORLD article, click here… And have you heard the gorgeous lullabye SONG written and performed by Sally Taylor — daughter of James Taylor and Carly Simon??  Click here! Then click the arrow beneath Carly Simon!


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0_61_320britLast weekend FoxNews analyst Brit Hume said something so beyond-the-pale that the outrage has been deafening.

Did he say Janet Napolitano was the love child of Susan Sontag and Elmer Fudd?   Did he label the POTUS a “long-legged Mack Daddy”?   Did he say that Adam Lambert was making him reconsider his position on Sharia Law?   Those things would have been offensive — but he didn’t say any of them!

Then what did he say?  Well, what he said was pretty bad, so if you are reading this aloud with kids around, you might want to tell them to go play with their Wii for a few minutes…  Okay, are they out of the room? Great.

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Atlanta, Georgia

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Salvation Army Divisional Leaders’ Conference, Keynote Address

SQUANTO, A True Story

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I’m amazed that I had the privilege to tell the story of Squanto, because so few people seem to know what really happened, and because the facts are much more amazing than any fictionalized version could possibly be. Here I am talking about it on CNN

YouTube Preview Image

SITC Gala on Dec. 3rd with Dr. Francis Collins!

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Click here to take your first step toward a more examined life.


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HARD CHOICES… WE ALL FACE THEM… For example, many of us are looking for the perfect bedtime book — one the kids ask for over and over, that soothes them and gets them to sleep in a jiff!


It’s true! No one knows just why, but since the publication of Goodnight Moon in 1947, pollution around the globe has increased dramatically! Before the book’s publication, no one had even heard of the word “smog”! This children’s classic might even be responsible for “El Niño” and all of the extreme weather of the last few years. Can we afford to gamble with the planet by buying such a book??? What CAN we do?

In desperation, some have turned to other bedtime bestsellers, like Guess How Much I Love You? As IF! Hard anecdotal evidence now shows that many of that book’s most devoted readers are notorious litterbugs! (Boo!) The plastic bags and garbage one sees along highways can be so depressing! Ironically, even Nutbrown Hare wouldn’t last very long in that kind of toxic environment!

Let’s face it: parents are in a pickle. Because we now know that buying Goodnight Moon (hiss!!!) or those other books is the moral equivalent of shooting wolves and polar bears from a plane! That, my friends, is unacceptable!

BUT WAIT!! There IS a way outl! Because now there’s an Environmentally-Friendly Alternative to Goodnight Moon and all of those other irresponsible Earth-destroying publications!! I’m talking about It’s Time to Sleep, My Love — the new children’s lullabye book that’s as environmentally-friendly and lovable as a gurgling baby possum! It won’t mess with the ozone layer OR those wacky polar ice-caps! And even if somehow it does — you’ll get a full refund!

IT’S TIME TO SLEEP, MY LOVE is the Environmentally Safe lullabye book that’s putting the whole world to sleep — without poisoning the planet! It’s the green alternative that’ll make your friends green with envy! Are you ready to make your purchase and feel good about it? CLICK HERE TO SAVE THE PLANET!! HURRY!!

Don’t delay! Buy this book and send a stern message to all those reckless planet-destroying hooligans! Buy FIVE copies and tell ‘em you’ve had enough of their shabby polluting tomfoolery! This is serious! And as a way of helping to clean up the planet, Amazon.com has taken this gorgeous $17 book and SLASHED the price to $10.17! IT’S TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, ISN’T IT?


Yours for a cleaner planet,

Eric Metaxas, Author

Best Children’s Books Ever

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I’ve written about thirty children’s books and have written for VeggieTales — so you can imagine that every now and again people ask me to recommend children’s books. The little-known “Tim” books, written and illustrated by Edward Ardizzone (1900-1979) have to be among the best children’s picture books in existence, and they are the first books I would recommend to anyone, and now recommend to you. Ardizzone’s illustrations have a Victorian feel to them, as do his stories.

There are eleven “Tim” books, which Ardizzone wrote between 1936 and 1977. All of them are available here, at Amazon.com. There is so much to like about these books. There is an innocence and a wit to them that puts them at the top of my list. Ardizzone was the first winner of the prestigious Kate Greenaway Medal for children’s book illustration in 1956. A terrific 1966 Maurice Sendak review of Ardizzone’s Tim and Ginger, can be read here.

I’m also a big fan of Robert McCloskey’s first book, the incredibly charming Lentil. McCloskey wrote and illustrated it in 1940,

years before his Caldecott-winner, Make Way for Ducklings or his other more popular books, like Blueberries for Sal, which I also love. McCloskey’s early-19th century American town and the characters that inhabit Lentil are a delight.

My favorite line: “There sat Old Sneep, sucking on a lemon.” SHLURP! Click here to order Lentil.


Jeremiah Wright at Mars Hill Forum

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Last night my chickens came home to roost when I somehow found myself moderating a dialogue between the Rev. Jeremiah Wright (Barack Obama’s friend and pastor of 20 years) and the inimitable Rev. John Rankin of the Theological Educational Institute. The title of the forum was “The Bible, Race, and American History: What Are the Issues?” There were lots of media there, of course, fishing for controversy. But the only controversy was the lack of controversy. It was all scandalously civil.

My small contribution was duly noted in both newspaper accounts. The Connecticut Post‘ said my moderating was “humorous”. The full story is here. The New Haven Register said I “set a tone of civility.” Their story is here. The local Fox News tv report is here. I’m behind Dr. Wright, shuffling my papers…

I doff my hat to my dear friend, the Rev. John Rankin, for creating a place for civil debate and bona fide conversation on important subjects — and with people who are usually ideologically far from his positions on things. Rankin’s other Mars Hill Forums are absolutely must-see material. The second-half of this conversation between Wright and Rankin will be on December 5th in the Greater Hartford Area. Stay tuned.

And now, the Korean version!

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If you’re one of the millions of people on the planet whose principal language is not English, but Korean, and you’ve had a powerful yen (or perhaps a chon) to read my AMAZING GRACE book in your native tongue, your wait is finally over. The Korean version of my book is now available. Click here to order your copies!

What a week!

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It’s been quite a few days, folks… We had another absolutely extraordinary Socrates in the City event on Oct. 22nd, with Dr. Gerald Schroeder — Israeli physicist, Talmud scholar and author of Genesis and the Big Bang. He was everything we had hoped — a kind of Professor Irwin Corey with substance, if such can be imagined. Before Dr. Schroeder launched into his talk he regaled the audience by offering yours truly a gift of skin lotion made near the Dead Sea. A good time was had by all. Of course you may order a cd of the evening from socratesinthecity.com. They make great Christmas and Hannukah presents, as do Professor Schroeder’s fantastic books.

On Saturday I spoke about William Wilberforce at a benefit for the Wilberforce School in Princeton, NJ, and on Sunday I spoke about Mr. Wilberforce at the august Jonathan Edwards Forum in Wethersfield, Connecticut. The event took place at the venerable First Church of Christ there; the history in that building is enough to scare anyone off. The steeple is about as gorgeous and quintessential a New England church steeple as you are likely to find in existence, and the interior of the 1761 church has been gloriously restored. The pulpit, from which I dared speak, is so far above the congregation that one feels one had better have something important to say. Ahem.

On Wednesday I moderated a luncheon panel on publishing at the Dillon Art Gallery in SoHo, which exhibits the virtuoso works of Mako Fujimura, who — along with the supermodel Kim Alexis and the incomparable belletrist and polymathic mathematician David Berlinksi — was in attendance. It was, like, a scene, man.

On Thursday night I was the emcee at a First Annual Young Supporters event for the MPSC (Midtown Pregnancy Support Center) of Manhattan, an exceedingly worthy organization whose capable executive director turns out to be related to me by marriage, and rather directly, too. Because the youngish crowd was at one point slightly unruly I struck back by singing — The Mills Brothers’ “Dinah” and Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon” — to the inestimable accompaniment of Matt Veligdan and his Band. Yowza yowza yowza…

On Friday morning I had sinus surgery and am now in mending mode, prone and prone to crankiness. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, you’ve been a terrific readership.