Speaking on Religious Liberty… w/Ben Carson!

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EricBenCpac1EricBenCpac2I had the honor of speaking about Religious Freedom at CPAC today, followed by a GREAT Q&A with Dr. Ben Carson! To watch the video, click here! I recommend using the full screen option and turning up the sound. I enter the stage at 6:30 into the video and speak for about 14 mins. Then Dr. Carson speaks for about 25 mins.  After that — at 45:00 — there is my Q&A with him. You have to watch that last part!  For the full text of my speech, click here. For just the video of my 14 minutes, click here. Religious Freedom is hugely important and we’re not hearing anything about it.

If you want to know what you can do, please help spread the word by sharing this speech. Please sign and share the Manhattan Declaration. Please watch Os Guinness’s speech at SITC by clicking here. And finally, if you get into a discussion about Same-Sex Marriage, ask about how it will affect Religious Liberty. That is the real issue and no one is discussing it.

Please pray for Chuck Colson

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540405_420688464611758_417760158237922_1838678_1005578282_nbp18_colosonbooks_wThis past weekend I had the privilege of emceeing my friend Chuck Colson’s annual Wilberforce Weekend in Lansdowne, Virginia.  After I introduced him last Friday, Chuck spoke, but within a few minutes he became seriously ill.  An ambulance took him to a nearby hospital and on Saturday morning, doctors operated to remove a pool of clotted blood on the surface of his brain.  The doctors are now “cautiously optimistic,” but Chuck is in critical condition and he desperately needs our prayers.

As Chuck recuperates, I have the honor of guest-hosting Breakpoint, the daily cultural commentary that Chuck has been doing for nearly two decades.   Chuck has been a hero and mentor to me for many years.  I love and respect him more than I can say, and I ask your prayers that I might do Breakpoint justice until he returns to the mike.  May it be as soon as possible.

For a Christianity Today update on this story, click here.  To visit the Colson Center website and for updates on Chuck’s condition, click here. To visit Breakpoint, click here. And for a superb column (“A Nixonite Redeemed:  Colson’s Rise and Fall”) written by my friend, National Review editor Rich Lowry, click here.

Interviewing Tim Keller

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Tim Keller & Eric Metaxas at 2012 NCSAt the New Canaan Society retreat a week ago I chatted with NYC Redeemer pastor Tim Keller for an hour in front of 500 close friends.  We talked about his life, about Adam and Eve and evolution, and about Hell.  He’s quite the cut-up!


2012 National Prayer Breakfast

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Today I spoke at the Nat’l Prayer Breakfast in Washington.  During my speech I gave the President a copy of my Bonhoeffer book…  Here’s the article from WORLD. Here’s one from The Baptist Press. Here’s the Catholic News Agency.  And here’s National Review.


My talk begins 35 mins in and ends with me leading the 3,500 assembled in singing “Amazing Grace”.  No kidding.

Guess who snapped this photo below?  None other than VP Joseph P. Biden, who of his own accord very graciously offered to take it for me!  Amazing.  I wonder how many photos there are of U.S. President’s taken by U. S. Vice Presidents?


2012 National Prayer Breakfast

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YouTube Preview Image

Today I spoke at the Nat’l Prayer Breakfast in Washington.  During my speech I gave the President a copy of my Bonhoeffer book.

Cross Promotion Jumps the Shark!

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Eric Metaxas_3_2The morning after the Superbowl 2011, I had the honor of spending an hour talking with former President George W. Bush.  He and the First Lady have read Bonhoeffer and now I’m reading his book.

L@@K! 2011 Canterbury Medal Speech Videos!

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eric-metaxasReceiving the Becket Fund’s 2011 Canterbury Medal for Religious Freedom was a humbling honor.  Soli Deo Gloria! For an article excerpting the speech, click here. For more photos, click here. For PART I of the speech video, click here. For PART II, click here.  For PART III click here. For Chuck Colson video, click here.  For the Pres. George W. Bush video, click here!

Best Christian Book of the Year 2011

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bonhoefferThis week in Colorado Springs, Bonhoeffer:  Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy was given the highest honor that the ECPA awards each year.  Soli Deo Gloria.  For more details, click here.

A Video of My Conversion Story

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A video of my conversion story

Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself…

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SITC. April 9, 2010If you missed the April 9th event commemorating the 65th anniversary of Bonhoeffer’s death at the hands of the Nazis, click here to watch the video.  The first twelve minutes are me introducing myself.  The next part is the talk, followed by the lively Q&A.  We’re thrilled to finally have captured an SITC event on video for all to see!  Enjoy it and please share it with your friends!  To buy this book at B&N, click here!  To buy it at Amazon.com, click here!  To buy it at CBD, click here!