Interviewing Tim Keller

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Published by Eric Metaxas on 03/10/12 under Blog

Tim Keller & Eric Metaxas at 2012 NCSAt the New Canaan Society retreat a week ago I chatted with NYC Redeemer pastor Tim Keller for an hour in front of 500 close friends.  We talked about his life, about Adam and Eve and evolution, and about Hell.  He’s quite the cut-up!


Angels & Demons (and Bears! Oh, my!)

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Published by Eric Metaxas on 05/19/09 under Blog

Tom Hanks, Ron Howard, and Dan Brown are at it again, with a new movie destined to confuse, mislead, and vex millions. If you saw their previous collaboration, The Davinci Code, or read the record-breakingly awful book — or better yet, just heard about it — you may be interested in my take on it. It came in the form of a parody, titled “Screwtape on the Davinci Code. When I posted it on my website a few years ago it was linked to everywhere, and became a small internet sensation. In case you missed it then, here it is again. Enjoy!