Got Kids? Check Out Jelly Telly

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Published by Eric Metaxas on 01/18/09 under Blog

I continue to be greatly impressed with Jelly Telly, the newest venture by my old friend Phil Vischer (creator of VeggieTales). It’s tv for kids on the internet! Check it out here!


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Published by Eric Metaxas on 11/21/08 under Blog

Don’t ask ME what JellyTelly is, because you can ask the man who created it — Phil Vischer! Or at least he can tell you. Phil is a friend, and just happens to have created VeggieTales, which you may have heard about, since I talk about it a lot. JellyTelly — as in Jelly Television — is Phil’s latest creation, and it’s basically kids’ tv programming that’s on the web, and if you don’t check it out immediately, you are making a terrible mistake, one you must hide from the world forever. Why put yourself through that?

Phil actually looks nothing like Bob the Tomato, but can sound EXACTLY like him when necessary, which is frightening, but not to children. Like VeggieTales, JELLY TELLY has Phil written all over it, which is a very good thing! If you are a parent or have a wacko sense of humor, you desperately need to investigate this. It’s just launched and is in a beta version. For once in your life, be a guinea pig, for crying out loud! The first month is free and if you like it and decide to sign up it costs $2.99 per month. That’s not a typo. To take a tour of Jelly Telly, click HERE! If you absolutely do NOT want to take a tour of Jelly Telly, do NOT click here! But if you DO want to take a tour of Jelly Telly, click HERE. But not HERE. Got it? My daughter and I enjoyed it a lot — especially the games!

The book that KO’d an Ex-President!

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Published by Eric Metaxas on 10/18/08 under Blog Uncategorized

As you’ve surely heard, my new lullabye book has been knocking people out across the country (see below) — but imagine my surprise when a friend said she’d seen a copy near President Clinton recently, who promptly sat down and just COULDN”T STAY AWAKE!! This stuff is real, folks! CLICK HERE TO SEE IT YOURSELF! Watch it full-screen, if possible! Could you need more proof that this book simply WORKS???

If you want to get the kids to sleep in a hurry, look no further. It’s Time To Sleep, My Love is your fool-proof fast track ticket to Slumberland… It EVEN WORKS ON FORMER PRESIDENTS!! YOIKS!! THAT’S POWERFUL STUFF!! Zzzzzz…. [Music up and out.]

My new book is out today!!!

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Published by Rick Vlaha on 09/30/08 under Blog

This is a dream come true, in more ways than one… My children’s lullabye book, titled It’s Time to Sleep, My Love is in stores TODAY!!! I wrote this children’s lullabye poem thirteen years ago and always knew it was destined to be a children’s picture book, but I never dreamt it would take so long, nor that it would be so gorgeous when it finally arrived. How it came into being is a genuine miracle, the details of which I’ll tell another time. But the magnificent illustrations are by the children’s book superstar Nancy Tillman, whose last book rocketed to #2 on the New York Times Bestseller lists and has already sold over half a million copies. The buzz on this book is so good that Feiwel & Friends has come out of the blocks with a first printing of 175,000 copies. And they’re also about to release an audio cd of Sally Taylor — the daughter of music legends Carly Simon and James Taylor — singing the words of the poem as an actual lullabye. She composed and recorded it just in time for her son, Bodhi’s first birthday this week! Happy Birthday Bodhi!!!

I must add that this is the only book I’ve written that will put people to sleep intentionally! So if you know anyone with a child who needs a good book to read at bedtime… this might be the ticket…