J. Bottum on Obama and Notre Dame

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Published by Eric Metaxas on 05/09/09 under Blog

An essay from the inestimably talented J. Bottum. Click here.

CHOOSING LIFE IN THE ARMY — and elsewhere.

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Right here in Manhattan, my wife, Susanne, runs the MPSC (Midtown Pregnancy Support Center) a non-political, non-profit Christian organization that offers help of all kinds to women (and families) that find themselves in “crisis pregnancies.” The stories one hears from such women can be incredibly moving; but what’s most striking to me is that one never seems to hear these stories — of real women, making real decisions in difficult circumstances — anywhere in the popular culture, neither on tv nor in the so-called main-stream media. Here’s one such story from the online site for First Things.

Obama and Doris Day at Notre Dame

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Published by Eric Metaxas on 04/28/09 under Blog

The media’s perennial difficulty in covering religion has been well-documented at www.getreligion.org — but it’s never been quite as funny or ridiculous as it is here, in this www.getreligion.org story about Obama’s invitation to speak at Notre Dame… As G.K. Chesterton — or perhaps it was legal scholar Mary Ann Glendon — once said: “Que Sera, Sera!” [Music up and out]