Do You Know Michael Craven?

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Published by Eric Metaxas on 10/16/09 under Blog

I met Michael and his family this past summer at Camp-of-the-Woods(below), which, by the way, was absolutely fantastic!  In CAMPOFTHEWOODSfact, I’ll be back  there to speak next July.  But the best part of it all was meeting amazing people, and Michael is at the top of that list.  He heads the Center for Christ & Culture in Dallas, which you must visit immediately, by clicking here. (Do yourself a big favor and sign up for his weekly commentaries!  If ten more people sign up, I’ll win a ten-speed bike!) Ahem.  I’ll be speaking at Michael’s church in Dallas this week — Oct. 22nd.   If you know anyone in the area, please let them know! For info, click here. I’ll also be speaking the next morning in Grapevine at the Wingmen’s Fellowship.  For details, click here. Hope to see you there!  For Michael’s latest commentary, click here.