Does Anyone in the Media Read the Bible?

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Published by Eric Metaxas on 01/01/12 under Blog Essays

willienelson5_v_eIt happened again the other day. I was reading the NY Times and I came across something so hilarious it had to be some kind of joke. But this was in an obituary.  [To keep reading, click here.]

A Video of My Conversion Story

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A video of my conversion story

Anne Rice CBN Interview

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Anne_RiceAn extraordinary interview with the author Anne Rice, in which she discusses her return to Christian faith.  To see it, click here.


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0_61_320britLast weekend FoxNews analyst Brit Hume said something so beyond-the-pale that the outrage has been deafening.

Did he say Janet Napolitano was the love child of Susan Sontag and Elmer Fudd?   Did he label the POTUS a “long-legged Mack Daddy”?   Did he say that Adam Lambert was making him reconsider his position on Sharia Law?   Those things would have been offensive — but he didn’t say any of them!

Then what did he say?  Well, what he said was pretty bad, so if you are reading this aloud with kids around, you might want to tell them to go play with their Wii for a few minutes…  Okay, are they out of the room? Great.

[To continue reading, click here.]

My new book has arrived!!!

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Everything You Alway#13A911I just got my own copy in the mail and BOY does it look good.  It’s a hardcover and it’s super orange! 


To order your copy, click on the ORDER NOW link at the top of this screen!  Please post this on facebook and tell your friends.

It’s go time!

Celebrating Lincoln’s 200th Birthday

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This morning I had the privilege of meeting Martin Luther King III, eldest son of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The occasion was a National Bible Association press conference to commemorate Black History month and the 200th birthday of Abraham Lincoln — and to launch a nationwide initiative to encourage Americans to read the Bible. Here’s MSNBC’s account of the event. King told about how as a child he remembered Sunday morning breakfasts, which his father almost never missed, even despite a heavy schedule of travelling. There was Bible reading and prayer and each child was required to recite his Bible verse for the week. King was ten when his father was assassinated in 1968.