[Metaxas’] speaking style, a combination of edgy wit, charm, inspiration, evangelization, thoughtfulness and historical narrative of lessons learned and values by which to live, took the crowd through laughter, pensiveness, inspiration and motivation. The feedback on the entire night was tremendous, with unsolicited compliments calling it the best gala ever.

-Family Foundation of Virginia

“Eric Metaxas was one of the most popular speakers I have ever brought to Union University. His rapier wit, compelling content, and communication skills resonated widely across the campus with faculty, staff, and especially students. Weeks after his chapel address, people were still talking about Eric.”

-Greg Alan Thornbury, Ph.D., Dean of the School of Christian Studies, Union University

“Eric Metaxas is one of the funniest people I know.”

-Moby, Rockstar

“Conversation with Eric is always interesting because he’s funny, quick witted and thoughtful.”

-Peggy Noonan, Author

“Well educated and well read, Eric is a deep thinker who is also articulate and genuinely interested in the lives and ideas of others, and in the issues swirling around public life today. From writing scripts, reviews, and books to interviewing to public speaking to doing hilarious comic acts, Eric is supremely gifted, irrepressibly creative, and astonishingly versatile.”

-Dr. Os Guinness, Senior Fellow, The Trinity Forum

“In a recent piece for Harper’s magazine, journalist Jeff Sharlet exposed the secret theocracy that runs America. The article was widely noticed, but in fact Sharlet had failed to uncover an even more elite, more covert organization. I refer to the Committee to Promote the Genius of Eric Metaxas (COPGEM), founded in Savannah in December 2000. (The membership of COPGEM, of course, must remain a closely guarded secret.)

-John Wilson, Editor, Books & Culture

“Eric Metaxas is one of the most charming, articulate, and intelligent people I know. He is at once terrifically urbane, with a biting wit, and a gentle and genuine populist, at ease with virtually anyone on any topic. He enjoys listening to people as much as he genuinely enjoys making them laugh, and think. He is an intuitive sharer of both information and experience. He is a master improviser, fast on his feet, and able to hold audiences through sheer presence and candidness.”

-Charis Conn, Senior Editor, Harper’s

“Eric Metaxas is extremely funny, completely sincere, and always a joy to work with. He’s a truly gifted writer and an equally talented speaker. If I could handle a crowd like him, there’d be no need for the cucumber suit.”

-Mike Nawrocki, “Larry the Cucumber” – VeggieTales Co-creator