Malcolm Gladwell at Socrates in the City

Mar 17, 2014

460057284_640You’ve GOT to check out the video of our evening with Malcolm Gladwell at Socrates in the City! We also have video of the amazing evening with Dr. Stephen Meyer, not to mention the boffo evening with Dick Cavett! We’ll post video of our recent evenings with Hugh Hewitt and Dame Alice von Hildebrand very soon — and guess who is coming May 7th? Sign up to get the email invitation!

Bonhoeffer Small Group Videos Are Here!

Feb 18, 2014

IMG_2930I’m so proud of what we were able to do in these four videos, which we shot on location in Germany and Poland. I talk about Bonhoeffer while sitting at his desk in the very bedroom in Berlin where he lived and was arrested. I visit the site of Finkenwalde, which is now just over the border in Poland, and I visit the Igel Fraternity in Tübingen where he was a member, and I even go inside Tegel prison, which is still operating as a prison, virtually unchanged from Bonhoeffer’s time there. It will be demolished later this year. These four videos and study guide are designed for small group study, whether at home or in church, and I hope they deepen your understanding of both Bonhoeffer and his work. Here is a link to the first video, which you can watch in it’s entirety, to get a taste of the whole. And here’s a short trailer.

To purchase the DVDs & Study Guide from, click here. To purchase from Amazon, click here. To purchase from, click here.

There is no one funnier than Tim Conway

Feb 17, 2014

IMG_3644 - Version 4Growing up in the 1970s we watched the Carol Burnett Show every Saturday. As hilarious as Harvey Korman and Carol herself were, Tim Conway usually stole the show. I had the honor of meeting him in Dallas recently and am hoping he’ll consent to being interviewed for Socrates in the City this year. Intercessory support encouraged. In the meantime, here’s the famous “Dentist Sketch”. And here’s the infamous “Interrogation Sketch.” The puppet appears at 5:30.

My Great Defender of Life Award Speech

Jan 09, 2014

HiRes_EricSusanneMetaxas-3This fall, my wife Susanne and I were jointly honored by the Human Life Review with their annual “Great Defender of Life Award” here in Manhattan at the Union League Club. Here is the text of my speech on that occasion:

“First of all, let me say from the bottom of my heart that I bitterly, bitterly resent having to share this award with my wife… Please, let me continue!

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Jan 01, 2014

To read all of my eerily accurate 2014 Predictions, click here!

If you have a minute, you’ve got to watch the new video of the I AM SECOND LIVE event! I interview Olympic Skating Gold Medalist Scott Hamilton, KORN lead guitarist Brian Head Welch, former prostitute Annie Lobert, and former Navy SEAL Remi Adeleke. I also challenge Remi to a push-up contest. I tried to ask the questions YOU would have asked if you were there — and were willing to ask extraordinarily dumb questions. CLICK HERE!

Also, we’ve posted our most recent Socrates in the City events here! Watch me interview Dr. Stephen Meyer on Intelligent Design, poet Christian Wiman on whether he believes in a literal, bodily resurrection, and much more! FREE for the 1st 100 viewers!

Before I wrote Bonhoeffer, I wrote this!

Dec 01, 2013

hero-christmasMost folks who’ve read my Bonhoeffer book have no idea that before I wrote biographies, I wrote this. My buddy Tim Raglin and I wanted to create a family-friendly book that unashamedly celebrated Christmas and that recalled the classic children’s books we have so loved over the years. So we created this book and two others — so far. We’re creating a fourth one right now, but I cannot tell you what it is yet… But if you want a super high-quality book that shouts “Merry Christmas!” I think you may have found it. Visit for more information on this and my other children’s books with the amazing Tim Raglin.


Sep 21, 2013


DO YOU KNOW ABOUT “I AM SECOND“? If you don’t, methinks you’re missing something pretty spectacular. This is just tremendous stuff.

1238351_10151572914676114_1704677172_n And somehow I have the great honor of being the 100th person they’ve featured in their films, and the one featuring my own story premiered at an over-the-top event in Dallas just the other day.  To read the Christian Post‘s article on that event — with pictures — click here! And to read their account of my story as told in the I Am Second film, click here!

I hosted a live talk show fundraising event for 500 guests, and interviewed (pictured left to right) the lead guitarist for Korn, Brian Head Welch, Navy SEAL Remi Adeleke, former prostitute Annie Lobert, and Olympic Skating Gold Medalist Scott Hamilton! It was a ton of fun. But tremendously poignant, too. All of their powerful stories are at Check them out!IMG_3214

Bonhoeffer Babel!

Sep 04, 2013

babel201My Bonhoeffer book has now been translated into 16 languages! But have no fear; it will soon be translated back into English! Ha.

In the meantime, to purchase one of the translated editions, click on the language to go directly to the publisher’s website! Einfach, nicht? So here you go: Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Ukrainian. (Romanian, and both Simple & Complex Chinese links coming soon!)

Socrates in the City * N E W * Videos!

Sep 02, 2013

Are you signed up to receive invitations to our fabulous events? Please visit our website and sign up! Our Sept. 12th event is almost sold out, so register today!


We’ve also posted videos of our most recent events with Dr. John Lennox, Rod Dreher, and Christian Wiman — not to mention a video of yours truly belting out a Sinatra standard at our June 26th fundraiser. What’s not to mock? It was all for charity, of course, and we’re thrilled to announce that we raised over $100K!  The dancing was loads of fun! The handsome couple above pictured tripping the light fantastic are rumored to be the singer’s parents. Don’t believe a word of it!

Canadian National Prayer Breakfast

Jun 15, 2013

canadianmountiesvsatomicinvaders2osTo see my recent speech at the Canadian National Prayer Breakfast in Ottawa, click here! I reference William Shatner, Rich Little, and the phrase “Hey, Hoser!” in the first few minutes of my presentation. A good time was had by all. The speech begins about 25 mins into the video…  Hope you enjoy it, eh?

And after Ottawa I flew over to Toronto and shot three episodes of 100 Huntley Street to talk about my 7Men book, revealing that the real “Secret of their Greatness” was their common Canadian heritage. Click here for Part Un! Click here for Part Deux! And here’s Part Trois! But before that, I shot this episode, in which I spoke about my time at the Canadian National Prayer Breakfast…