Das war aber eine gute Reise!

Jan 29, 2012

IMG_0877 - Version 4Recently I was in Basel, Switzerland where I visited the Karl Barth home and had the privilege of reading and touching the letters Bonhoeffer wrote to Barth.  I spoke at a church in Riehen and at the chapel at St. Chrischona.

I then traveled to Wiesbaden, where I met the sons of two heroes of the German resistance:  the son of Fabian von Schlabrendorf, who planted the bomb on Hitler’s plane; and the son of Paul von Hase, Bonhoeffer’s uncle, who was the military Commandant over Berlin.  Both figure prominently in my book.    I next traveled to Stuttgart, where I met Bill Hybels, who interviewed me in front of 8,000 German-speaking Christians at a Willow Creek conference, and who said the book was “one of the ten most important books” he had ever read.  The photo shows me in front of my publisher, SCM Haenssler’s booth there, still stunned by Hybel’s statement, and also by being on a poster with Gordon MacDonald and Andy Stanley!   I also met the great-great grandson of Kaiser Wilhelm, who is a Lutheran pastor in Germany!   Later  I met the German translator of my book, Friedemann Lux, and Prof. Rainer Mayer, the Bonhoeffer scholar who oversaw the book’s publication in Germany.   Das war aber eine Reise!