Do you know anyone with a Birthday???

Jan 10, 2012

hero-abcLadies and Gentleman!  The BRAND NEW Uncle Mugsy website is up!  Huzzah!!!

If you don’t agree that Tim Raglin’s illustrations are GORGEOUS, see an optometrist immediately!

But seriously, these three books represent my most concerted effort at “creating culture” — at making something “good and beautiful and true” — at “lighting a candle instead of merely cursing the darkness.”  I hope you’ll agree that the books themselves are physically of “heirloom” quality — oversized and sumptuously produced, just as books like these should be.  And oh yes, I wrote them.  Please visit and please tell your friends about this!  It’s taken us years to get this to where it is now and I’m very, very excited we’re launching this website today!!!  SDG.