Huckabee on Bass at Socrates in the City

Jun 04, 2009

As Socrates once said: “Well, I’ll be an egg-sucked mule!” Socrates events are not places where you are likely to get cracker-barrel philosophers — much less bass fishin’ tips, or trick-rope exhibitions. But on June 20th, SITC is proud to welcome former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, who will speak on “The Role of Faith in Politics” — and who may well show us how to twitch a hula-popper through the lily pads to lure a lunker out of hiding. (see photo, left.) Unless he means the other kind of bass (see other photo.) In any case, it’s sure to be a big ole mess o’ fun, so if you are in the NYC-area on June 20th, do not miss it! This event will sell out quickly, so hurry!  To register and for details, click here.