Hey! Want to join “Manhattan’s Smart Set”?

Jun 08, 2009

Just go to www.socratesinthecity.com and register for our emails and you’re in! Because according to GOD IS BACK: How the Global Rise of Faith Will Change the World, an acclaimed new book by two Economist magazine journalists, “Socrates in the City holds discussions on ‘the examined life’ for Manhattan’s smart set.” SITC is mentioned alongside the Trinity Forum and the C.S. Lewis Institute as examples of faith-friendly efforts among the high-brow circuit. Of course.

For a fab article on the subject of whether God really is back — or ever left — in the current issue of World magazine, click here. It’s by my friend Marvin Olasky, Provost at Manhattan’s King’s College. Must reading.

If you are already receiving Socrates emails, you are — of course — already part of “Manhattan’s smart set”. And congrats to you! But if you aren’t receiving them — good grief, by all means click here and sign up before anyone knows you haven’t already done so! And register for our Juen 20th, with former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, which is selling extremely briskly, so hurry!