40 Days of Fasting & Prayer for America

Jan 10, 2012

imagesPlease click here for the Facebook Page on this subject! This past Thursday I was at an event in Castle Rock, Colorado with my friend and Breakpoint colleague John Stonestreet.  Before I went up to deliver my speech I had a keen sense that I should call on those gathered to join me in 40 days of prayer and fasting, starting this coming Thursday (Sept. 27th).  We often worry and/or complain about what’s happening in our nation, but can we doubt that God wants us to pray about it in a concerted way?  Can there be a time more conducive to focusing our attentions than the 40 days before this extremely important election?   Exactly how we do this is up to each of us — perhaps you could fast one day per week, or gather with friends to pray once per week — but won’t you join me in this, believing and knowing that God longs for His people to take their concerns to Him — to be anxious “for nothing” and to pray boldly and with faith and trust Him with the results?  So many people wonder:  “What can I do?”  We can do this.   If the church has forgotten that God answers prayers, there really is no hope.  Jesus said:  “Ask and it will be given unto you.”  So won’t you join me in asking?  And please tell your pastors and friends about this.  God bless you.  And may God bless America for His purposes — so that we can be a blessing to the rest of the world.   Please click here to join the Facebook Page for this effort.